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Jiangsu BLK Refrigeration Technology Development Co., Ltd., specializing in freeze-drying machinery and refrigeration equipment production, the main vacuum freeze drying equipment for food, vegetables, fruit, fruit powder, flowers, coffee, plant extracts, Chinese medicinal herbs, Cordyceps sinensis, sea cucumbers, deer, biological products and chemical materials and other products Freeze drying, including vacuum freeze drying equipment, large cold storage, piston compressor unit, screw unit, new energy equipment, sewage treatment, automatic control system and so on. At the same time, we also provide all kinds of small and medium-sized fresh storage, cold storage, freezers, from design to cold storage board production, refrigeration unit assembly, engineering installation, after-sales maintenance, all by our company design, the use of refrigeration equipment in Italy to Fukang, Fuji Howe, Germany than Georgi, American Valley wheel, French beauty and so on As well as the famous quality piston compressor and screw unit in China, it has the right of free import and export trade. The products are sold at home and abroad. At present, it is in the leading position in China.

Over the years, we have been adhering to the spirit of "honesty, dedication and cooperation", constantly pursuing excellence, and striving to improve the level of management, improve the image of the enterprise, and improve the competitiveness of the market. Under the concept of "big health", we will continue to achieve new breakthroughs.

Every step of the development of Bole has always been supported and helped by the friends of the broad customers, and the blood and sweat of all Bole guests has also been condensed.

The man is strong and strong, the gentleman is strong and strong, the gentleman is carrying the heavy duty, the bole company's wind and rain journey, all the way forward, always like the red day, striving for the leading ranks of the industry. Along.