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Jiangsu BoLaiKe refrigeration science and technology development co., LTD is Zhenglu Industrial Park, Tianning District, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province , is a professional engaged in production of Vacuum freeze dryer equipment and refrigeration equipment manufacturers,.Our company has the right to free import and export trade, products are exported to home and abroad.

Our company's main vacuum freeze dryer equipment is suitable for Food, Vegetables, Fruit, Flowers, Coffee, plant extracts, Medicine,Chinese herbal medicine, Chinese caterpillar fungus, Sea cucumber, Pilose antler, Biological products and Chemical material products .Our company produces the FD vacuum freeze dryer can save many energy consumption.Has simple and convenient operation, energy conservation, environmental protection.

For the above products our company can provide equipment type selection, design the best solutions.To provide you with first-class products, first-class engineering, first-class service!