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XSD-FD-1㎡ home freeze-drying machine sent to Jiangsu - Jingjiang

Published:  2024-6-4 7:03:17
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The new equipment is launched to open the family trend, and the unique appearance design realizes the freedom of food. On June 4, 2024, the household freeze-drying machine series XSD-FD-1㎡ newly developed and produced by our company has successfully completed the factory quality inspection and officially set off for Jingjiang, Jiangsu Province, to open the wonderful journey of family freeze-drying.


With the continuous improvement of the quality of family life, people pay more attention to and attach more importance to healthy and nutritious food, which has also led more families to use household freeze-drying machines. Home freeze-drying machine is a powerful and convenient device that can better help home users to efficiently preserve food, while perfectly retaining the nutrition and flavor of food, without any technological addition to let you taste the crispness and sweetness of dry food.

Our company's home freeze-drying machine equipment features:

1. Unique structural design: The cylinder of our equipment adopts Liaoning Zhongwang (national high-speed rail track material) customized die opening machine to extrude once forming without welding, anti-corrosion and aseptic; The internal heating shelf is made of food-grade stainless steel, and the product materials are heated more evenly and the drying effect is good. The door of the drying chamber is made of aviation acrylic material with high strength and no leakage and strong vacuum performance.

2. the equipment can be customized: according to the requirements of the user to customize the equipment (temperature, size, appearance).

3. easy to operate: integrated square design, materials can be freeze-dried in the same warehouse, no need for external freezer freezing; Small volume, strong sealing, easy to use and high efficiency; The bottom of the equipment can be set with a pulley, easy to move positioning; True color touch screen, high control precision, stable performance, simple and quick procedure.

4. cloud remote control: operating system software automation can be remote mobile APP control, can also be controlled by PC, and with automatic alarm function, emergency warning; The device is equipped with a USB interface for downloading running data.

5. low noise: Our equipment is integrated design, accessories refrigeration unit, vacuum pump are built-in installation (peer products equipment are external units or vacuum pumps, inconvenient to use but also loud noise), and internal with muffler cotton, sound insulation effect is good.

6. large water capture: Our equipment cold trap for the internal side or back design of the overall space, with freezing function, water capture uniform ability, can save energy consumption.


Our company home freeze-drying machine application field:

Fruits and vegetables, pet food, fast food, Chinese herbal medicine, health products and so on!


Every technological leap is a vision of the future. We always adhere to customer demand-oriented, continue to optimize product performance, provide a full range of after-sales service and technical support, to ensure that each freeze-drying machine can play a maximum value in practical applications. Thanks for the support of every cooperative customer, which has established a good reputation for us in the industry, we will continue to refuel and strive to become a benchmark enterprise in the global refrigeration industry.